The clouds over the Tygetos mountains lurked in the early morning sun. It was an exciting panormic view. The Tygetos mountains provided refuge and cover to the kleft revolutionaries and to the people of the Mani during the various war campaigns in the area. Most notably the when the Sultan brought in his greatest military machine, an Arabian elite mercenary army that was posted in Egypt. They came to the Peleponisos after the Greeks had beaten awayTurks. They came up from the south ravaging the land all in their path (1825) they burned and destroyed everthing in their paths driving the inhabitants with nothing left to the mountains., but when the Maniotes got word and gathered their Army they sent out the call to the Egyptian general... "come and take it" and when they met the Maniotes destroyed 2/3 of his Army. Then the women of Dirou came to the battle with sickles and drove the remainder of them into the sea. The remainder of the Egyptian army was met again in 1826 and completely destroyed by the Greeks.