Welcome to my GREECE VACATION 1999
Take a visual tour through Greece

June 3rd through June 30th of 1999 Sandra and I (Steve) traveled through Greece on an incredible journey. We spent 28 days traveling hundreds of miles throughout Greece by plane, motor coach, bus, car, ferry and hydro boat, to visit an enjoy the places and people along the way. From the famed Athens to the charmed seaside town of Nafplio on the East side of the Peleponnese to hidden treasures like Monemvassia further South down the Peleponnese coast then across to Mani in the southern most tips of the Peleponnese where I had a most extraordinary experience when I was able to seek out distant relatives who showed me the way to my Great Great Grandfathers home still standing tall on the foothills of the Tygetos mountains, in Kelefa. We also traveled to the central regions of Greece to join friends in spectacular Meteora. We went to the mountain village of Metsovo and to Ali Pashas home in Ioannina. But no trip of Greece would be complete without going to the islands and that we did by visiting Skiathos on the east coast of the Aegean sea to the pearl of the Mediterranean, Santorini.
The highlight of the trip for me was discovering my Greek heritage. Check out the footage of my Great Great Grandfathers home, which he built himself in the late 1820s after the Greek war of independence. Read as I explain the historical significance of the Mani region.