Skiathos Island

Finally we did make it to an island. The island of Skiathos is off the North East coast of Athens. It's a 45 minutes hydro boat ride, which is how we got there after driving with Socrates from Leptokaria to Larissa where we then took a bus to the port town of Volos. We then boarded a hydro boat and made the 45 minute high speed water trip to Skiathos.
Sandra on koukounaries beach. 10 days after we arrived in Greece, we are on the beach still trying to get that vacation tan.
Gotta love this place!

Koukounaries Beach, a well kept secret of the rich and famous thru the 70s is now visited year after year by European vacationers with their whole families in tote.
We stayed in this hotel, "Panorama", for two nights while we explored the Island of Skiathos

Steve trying on some of the local hardware, a Spartan helmet. This one was made of tin. The real ones were bronze, much heavier and strong enough to stop a crushing blow by a sword or shield.

My beautiful fiancÚ, Sandra, as we drink frappes awaiting the flying dolphin to arrive to take us back to the mainland so we could bus it down to Piraeus to catch a ferry to our next stop...Santorini!

Exploring one of the harbors on Skiathos Island. Later we rang up one of our biggest bar bills at one of the very hip and nice harbor Tavernas.