Santorini Island

Santorini was our last stop on our month long journey, however we did still have 7 days to enjoy this island which we did by relaxing with day naps and with daily morning rides to the bakery to pick up cheese croissants. We had a great little hotel where we were welcomed by the owners and their mother who who spent the days tending to the snack bar and cooking wonderful things like stuffed tomatoes and peppers in her outdoor oven. We went exploring the island the first couple of days and spent the rest on the beach.

Our first days of exploring the Island of Santorini were very exciting. Every corner of the Island had something new and exciting. Here is Sandra shown at this great view point of the Calderas, which is the center bay of the island that was blown out by a volcano hundreds of years ago.

Steve taking a pose with the famous Aphrodite statue on the balcony of a merchant in Thira, the Islands capital.

Sandras turn...

The sunsets on Santorini are beautiful. We would habg out at a cafe with a good view, preferably in the town Oia, have drink, eat and watch the sun go down.

Steve just hanging around on our last days in Greece...What a trip it's been. We saw more than we ever imagined. I hope we can come back some day.

Steve took on a huge change in appearance by cutting of all of his long curly hair that had been a staple for 15 years. WHooo boy did they go short!

Minutes after the butchering, walking to the car. I must admit I was feeling pretty bad. I thought I made a terrible mistake but it just took some getting used about 2 months!

Waiting for the sunset on a terrace in the Santorini town of "Oia".

The sun as it begins it's decent. People come every night to eat, drink, and watch the relaxing sunset of another beautiful day.

Steve looking off the balcony in Oia. The boats all looked like silouettes on the horizon.

Sandra and Steve on hanging out one night waiting for the sunset, hey, there's nothing better to do.

Here's a postcard picture of Santorini. Greece must have more churches per capita than any American town. They are a frequent site.

Sandra on the terrace in Oia. We had lot's of time this week to do alot of nothing and it was great.

Sandra and I walked the back streets and walkways of Oia before the sunset. We wanted to go way down to the water and go swimming, it was so hot, but we dreaded the climb back up to the town.