Nafplio is a great little port town on the way to the southern Peleponnese. A fishing town it seems, however, this was the first capital of Greece (before Athens) after it was overtaken by the Greek patriots in the war. It remained a highly sought port as it was gained and lost a couple times to the Turks during the war. Lots of tourists frequent this place now. We only learned of this places' existence from the steward on the airplane ride. We were so happy we went there. It was only our second stop and this place so well captures the magic of the quintecent Greek village on the shores of the Mediterranean.

There were even places to explore like the Fortress on the hill, It's exactly 1000 stairs to the fortress gates. Another strong hold that was fought for during the war. I don't know who built this fortress but it's huge. They jailed Kolokatrakis and then the Maniates hung him for treason and acting like a dictator after the war. We climbed the stairs in 95 degree weather on about 1 hour of sleep! We had a room in the village last night and the local Tavernas didn't stop serving customers until 6 in the morning. They kept us awake all night!
We took a nap and awoke to this sunset. The Sunset was beautiful that evening as seen from our balcony.
Nafplio harbor fortress that protected the harbor during attacks. In later years the towns executioner would live there.
Steve at the fortress bell, 1000 steps high! What a view, later Sandra went to nap at the hotel while I ran down to the Mediterranean for a swim in the cooling waters. It was Sunday and the beach was popular that day.

It was June 5th and the trees were in full blossom.