The Island of Monemvassia is a spectacular place. It is a living medieval city in the constraints of an actual 12th century walled fortress. The hotel was a refurbished stone castle house called the "Malvassia Hotel". We stayed the night in a room in the castle. The doors were about 5.5 feet tall. The people were definitely shorter back then! We hiked up to see the 13th century church at the top of the island and then down to the rocky shores where we swam in the Mediterranean to cool off. We had dinner on a balcony under the stars.

This picture was taken from our room in the hotel Malvassia. A beautifully restored building now as a hotel with medieval style

This is a picture taken of the town on our way up the top of the island where the 13th century church still stands

Another picture taken from our hotel room. Notice the traditional gold dome on the church

A picture of the old 13th century Byzantine Greek church

Inside the Byzantine church

A picture of the church dome with the Christ looking down. 
Standing at the top of Monemvassia on the cliff. The water is hundreds of feet below. The view was awesome from here.
After the hike to the Church we headed down to the beach where we took a dip in the Mediterranean sea.