The Meteora is an awesome site. After traveling 10 hours by bus from the deep southern Peleponnese of Mani, we came upon the shear rock cliffs of the Meteora. These rock towers are located in Kastraki and Kalambaka, both within 20 minutes of the city Trikala in central Greece. We came to stay with our soon to be friends Jim and Maria who just so happen to live at the foot of these spectacular mountains and monasteries which sit on top of them. We stayed in Kastraki for four days, as we settled into the Grecian groove, we also ventured to the mountain towns of Metsovo and Ioannina and lake region of Plastera, always zero'ing back to Kastraki. Each place has a beauty of it's own and a story... Maria and Jim were very kind in letting us stay with them for 4 days and taking us on these great day trips. Thanks so much!
The Great Meteora, the biggest of the 7 existing monasteries is a marvelous demonstration of human will. The monks who had been in the area for hundreds of years and who lived in the caves as hermits, came together and united to build a worship place safe from all threats and more importantly, closer to heaven.
Our friends came to this place 4 years ago from Oregon, left, went back to America wrapped up their belongings and headed back to Kastraki, they've been living here for the two years now, and they love it. Their best friends lived in Canada and also moved here to live.

Steve driving Jim and Maria's car as he heads up the windy roads to the many vantage points and entrances to the monasteries. It's like a Monte Carlo race track. This was real scary, small roads, no railing and oncoming tour buses!

Well once you get there you have to take a picture to prove it!