From Kalabaka we traveled to Trikala, we spent the night at Socs condo in the city. That evening we did the "volta"  (walk around) down town Trikala. The city was alive with people, families all all taking a stroll in the early evening. The next day we would be headed to the Aegean coast again where we would spend a couple of days with Soc at his summer home in Leptokaria, located near the foot of Mt Olympus. We met Socrates (shown here touring us through his yard filled with all kinds of fruit and nut trees) in Lowell before we left. He owns a The Olympia restaurant where we go for Greek food. He cordially invited us to visit him while in Greece. His summer home is about 1 km from the beach. We had a great time with Socrates. He's a very kind and generous man. He took Sandra and out for dinner, for Sandras birthday, we were looking over a Venetian fortress that must have been hundreds of years old. It was quite a view.
Socrates neighbor had the Greek flag flying high. He also had fantastic cherry tree that was in full ripeness. I filled a bag full of fresh picked cherries that we took with us when we left. They were our little snack for the next couple days.
The next couple of pictures were taken on Socs' balcony in Leptokaria. The beach is one kilometer to the front and Mt Olympus is to the back. I had the backlight set on the camera and the pictures area a bit whitewashed.
Sandra and I with our host, Socrates. We stayed for two days with Soc. We ate out at night and beached it in the day.