Lake Plastera

Lake Plastera is located in central Greece, Thessaly, where the landscaping changes from postcard seaside towns to more like the Swiss Alps of Greece, and yes it does snow there. There was still some snow on the top of the highest mountains. The ride to lake Plastera was all up hill. We stopped along the roadside where Tom picked wild oregano and we lunched at an outdoor taverna where we ate grilled fresh water fish from the lakes. We arrived finally arrived to see one of the most beautiful lakes I've ever seen. It's no wonder it's a destination of choice for summer homes and retirement for many Greeks. We stopped on the great dam, which controls this man made lake, to take in the views.

This is the place where many of the Greek islanders say they dream of living. It's a very picturesque and lively mountain community.

Another great shot of the lake from a mountain side where we stopped to buy some 'gleeko' "nuts in honey" from a roadside vending cart.


The Twallettas in these parts are not the most comfortable. We called them "hang ten's" because as you can see, there is nothing to hold on to!