We had about two days to try and catch as much of Athens as possible. We took buses to the Acropolis and did the Archeological museum, one of the best in the world. Other than that Athens is like many booming metropolitan European cities; full of congested traffic, pedestrians and mopeds! You really have to know what your looking to visit to enjoy the cities full potential.

The Parthenon was awesome. It's bigger than I imagined. How they built these huge temples without machinery is almost unbelievable.

The Temple of Athena is a separate temple built about 100 yards from the Parthenon. It is dedicated the the goddess Athena, She, is the god of war. The women statues that hold up the roof are duplicates. The originals are inside the museum.

Sandra at the Acropolis

Steve at the Acropolis. It's really amazing up close.

Stellios was the first Greek we made friends with. Can you guess why!? Actually Stellios took us out after work to the most swinging and hip club section of Athens. The road was lined with very classy theme dance clubs.


This is the amphitheater next to the Acropolis. They still have productions here! They were in rehearsals as we passed by.