Sightseeing on Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal -
Sandras Aunts, uncles and cousins took us on sight seeing tours all  around the island. We  got to see first hand the beauty of the renowned Sete Cidades and went to Furnas where we cooked a boiled dinner in the hot ground around the hot springs. Just like we had always heard... it really was fantastic! I swam in the warmest salt water ever where there is a hot spring under the ocean! And we finally got into the city, Ponta Delgada, to take a few photos too.

 The famous Sete Cidades lake
 This lake has two parts and is known for one being blue and the other green. It wasn't as obvious today.
Steve had the lake scene painted on Sandras hope chest before we married, in hopes of going to the Azores where her family is from. We finally made it there and it was exciting for us.

Furnas, hot springs 

 Furnas, natural hot springs

 Cooking under the ground

Taking out our boiled dinner

A hot spring sits under this cove. The lava rock was hard to walk on. The sea water was 90 plus degrees here!

 Hi!  Lagoa do Fogo  Old calderas, a boiling mud pit In Ponta Delgada  Ponta Delgada capital of St. Michael 

 Ponta Delgada church The Ponta Delgada city gates  A city street   The church in Villa Franc. We walked up the steps and had a beautiful view. I took a boat to that island and went swimming.

 The waterfall in Nordeste  The caldera island of of Villa Franc