Pico, Azores, Portugal -
From Faial we took a ferry to the island of Pico which sits about 4.5 miles off the coast of Faial. Pico is the second largest island of the Azores, with only about 15000 year round inhabitants. It also has the highest mountain of all of Portugal. We went to Faial to see Sandra's Uncle Carlos and his daughters (Sandra's first cousins) whom Sandra hasn't seen since they were in elementary school, before they moved back to the Azores.


We took a ferry from Horta to go to Pico to see Uncle Carlos nad Sandras cousins Sandra and her cousins Carla (L) and Suzie (R). They put on feast for the whole gang that came to visit.

Swimming at the docks near Port Madelena.

Another outdoor kitchen. Most of the cooking was done outside in the barbeque Fried crabs

The vinyards were everywhere. Years ago the people cleared the land of the lava rock and stacked them into walls. The vines love this and produce very good wines. The dinner table, we had Pork meat, Morcella, crabs, favas, bread, wine, etc. Tia Rosa and Anna helping out with the dishes. Doing the dishes outdoors was something unique. They also had a water bowl with soap for hand washing .

A fig tree across the street from Suzies house.

Waiting for the ferry to return to Horta as the sun went down.