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Your hosts; Sandra and Steve

We traveled to the Azores Portugal, spending two weeks in this spectacular island paradise. It's out first trip to the Azores and it's special because it's Sandra's first trip to the islands where her family descends from. Sandra is happily greeted by many family members, all of whom generously offered warm hospitality and helped us to explore the many points of interest and points of family heritage.  Sao Miguel (St. Michael) - Most of our trip was spent on this island, relaxing at the beach, exploring the wonders of the island and visiting with family. 
Porto Formoso - Tia Rosas home
Feteiras - Sandra's Moms family village
Sightseeing on Sao Miguel
Nordeste - The Day of the Pig

About the Azores:

For more than 500 years the Azores, an archipelago of nine islands in the middle of the Atlantic, have remained almost completely unspoilt. The islands were first discovered by the Portuguese explorers in the 1400s. They found pristine, completely uninhabited islands while exploring the coast of Africa and the Atlantic on their way to South America. Volcanic in origin, they are pitted with deep craters, some filled with shimmering lakes, others covered with lush vegetation. Geysers and health-giving sulphur springs abound. The islands are also characterized by large farms and many beautiful villages with their whitewashed houses. The gently sloping hillsides are planted with vineyards and fruit trees. The coastlines tend to be rugged and somewhat forbidding, but there are plenty of bays, and rocky inlets for swimming and sunbathing. Water sports are widely available such as scuba-diving and whale-watching; equally popular are yachting, horse riding, cycling and hiking. Tourist development is growing, but the islands remain a haven of peace in the Atlantic.


We also visited the islands of Faial and Pico - Faial is the island where Sandra's dads family grew up, some were born on St. Michael but moved between the two islands. Here we discovered the birthplaces of Sandra's grand parents on this side of the family and some of the landmarks that remain.
Faial - Sandra's Dads old family village
Pico - Visiting cousins Suzie & Carla and Uncle Carlos
  Special Thanks: We'd like to thank our families in the US and the Azores for helping make this trip possible and for being so generous and  hospitable while we were in the Azores. You all made it so much more fun and special for us on our first trip. Hopefully this is the first of many visits to come!