Feteiras, St. Michael, Azores, Portugal -
We went to visit with Sandra aunts, Tia Anise and Tia Lordes. Feteiras is the village where Sandras mother comes from. The village is just West of Ponta Delgada on the same southern coast line. Tia Anise lives there and we spent several days with Sandras aunts, uncles and cousins, going sight seeing, picknicking at Furnas and going to the Ponta Delgada clubs till 4:30 in the morning with cousins Catarina and Carlos! We had a great time!

The view from Tia Anise house Steve in the kitchen of Tia Anise

Tia Anise and Tia Lordes getting ready to do some cooking.

The barbeque, using real wood Many home have a fire place inside or ouside for The food is done, let's eat!

At Tia Anise. I wanted to get the huge cactus in the picture

Sandra and her cousin Catalina

Feteiras, This home was built and lived in by Sandra Grandfather on her mothers side. It's getting very old.

Sandrad Grandmothers grave site

Sandras cousin Barbara
Tio Manuel took us into their church. It was very beautiful. This is where Sandras parents married. Here is the house Sandras mother was raised in. It was very crude and simple construction. There were 2 rooms for the whole family!The house was bought and being renovated. They were adding a bathroom since there never had been one. The chickens behind Tia Anise house.
The lime tree behind Tia Anise House Sandras cousins restaurant O'Prato We had dinner with Sandras cousins at the O'Prato. These guys were great us we had a lot of fun with them.

Sandra with cousins Caterina, Enrique, Ricardo and Pedro

They asked us to perform a song so we did.
  Caterina was so nice to us. We enjoyed spending time together. It was their first time meeting and they got along so well.