Faial, Azores, Portugal -
We took a short flight to the island of Faial where Sandras fathers family was raised. We went there for the "Semana De Mar" or "Week Of The Sea" where they have a festival by the docks all week long, with sailing boats that visit for this event from around the world. We toured the island enjoying the sights and also discovered some of Sandras family heritage.



The whole group in the Hotel Canal, Horta The docks, Horta

Looking down on Horta

Sandras Grandfather and father built this Cross for the church in the early 1970s. We finally made it there to see it ourselves! At the base of the cross is a statue. Sandras Dad said there is 15 feet of concrete base underfoot.

We stumbled upon these men having a party. It was a yearly tradition The Anchor near the old fortress, Horta The beach in Horta

Down by the Beach, Horta

View from the cross

Sandra and Steve at the Cross view point. You can see all around from there. You can see the cross from Horta way up on the hill.  Out in the country of Faial Sandra cooking on a stone, Horta. This restaurant was different and fun. You cooked your own food on a stone.


The volcano lava flows of 1957 More volcanic remains This is the home where Sandras Dad and aunts and uncles were raised for some time. Her great aunt now lives there and she was very nice and gave us a tour inside. Trying to capture another house Sandras Dads family lived in at one time. Its the gray roof one.

Another shot of Horta and the Beach on the right. Sandras Dad said the beach harbor is where the whaling boats would process the whales. It was no place to be swimming back then. Dancers at the "Semana do Mar" festival     The Portugese flags in Horta, Azores, Portugal, and the European Union.